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We have a comprehensive multiscale capability in modelling materials ranging from electronic and molecular structure, through the mesoscale, to large scale simulation. As well as standard modelling techniques such as density functional theory, molecular dynamics and finite element analysis unique specialisms to Lancaster MSI include Quantum Monte Carlo, free energy calculations, quantum transport and ab initio modelling of actinides and lanthanides with relevance to the nuclear industry.

Materials characterisation capabilities in the Lancaster MSI span length scales from single atoms to the mesoscale.

Surfaces and Interfaces of Solid Materials

Our expertise and facilities enable us to work across a wide range of applications in surfaces and interfaces, including molecular coatings, CVD and MBE grown layered structures and devices, battery electrochemistry and electrocatalysis, 2D materials, energy materials, porous materials and biological interfaces and interactions. Unique facilities at the Lancaster MSI include nanoscale resolution 3D mapping of internal structure BEXP of materials and buried interfaces, in situ NMR of disordered, amorphous and multiphase materials, nanometre scale mapping of thermal and mechanical properties, and atomic and single molecule resolution imaging.

We manipulate materials at surfaces and interfaces over a large range of length scales from small organic molecules nm to composites for the building industry metres. A recent expansion in synthetic chemistry and additive manufacturing has added significant capacity encompassing the range from the classical hard engineering materials to soft biomaterials.

Energy- and material-efficient surface processing is achieved by multi-material additive manufacturing and carbon dioxide processing. Molecular functionalisation of surfaces is achievable via two principal methods.

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Secondly, we specialise in plasma polymerisation, a scalable gas-phase coating technique which allows industrial-scale processing across a broad range of materials to create nanoscale coatings for interfacial engineering. Applications of this approach range from high-performance fibre composites through to implantable biomaterials.

Between and he held several guest scientist and visiting professor positions at the IBM Thomas J.

Surfaces and Interfaces

Since he has been professor for physics and since simultaneously professor for electrical engineering at the RWTH Aachen. His research interests center around semiconductor interface physics and quantum electronics.

Nature Physics

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Skickas inom vardagar specialorder. This book emphasises both experimental and theoretical aspects of surface, interface and thin-film physics.

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  • As in previous editions the preparation of surfaces and thin films, their atomic and morphological structure, their vibronic and electronic properties as well as fundamentals of adsorption are treated. Because of their importance in modern information technology and nanostructure research, particular emphasis is paid to electronic surface and interface states, semiconductor space charge layers and heterostructures.

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