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English Literature - Romanticism: main features, social context and key concepts

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How Gothic Horror Related to Romanticism in England

Elfenbein argues for a return not to older modes of criticism, but to questions about the relation between literature and language that have vanished from contemporary investigation. His book is an example of a kind of work that has often been called for but rarely realized- a social philology that takes seriously the formal and institutional forces shaping the production of English.

This results not only in a history of English, but also in a recovery of major events shaping English studies as a coherent discipline. This book points to new directions in literary criticism by arguing for the need to reconceptualize authorial agency in light of a broadened understanding of linguistic history. Read preview Overview. Wordsworth Circle, Vol. Thoreau went out in the wilderness to Walden Pond to write Walden in They discovered the American identity : the civilization was European. There is a kind of individualism that refuses every kind of moral convention who you really are and pantheism belief that Nature is divine and has a soul.

Nature was not only peaceful and meditative but also stormy, tempestuous and too big for man sublime. In Shelley's Ode to the West Wind , the poet starts by identifying himself with the wind : he wants to have the same power and the same liberty. As such, it can be considered a political poem.

The "west wind" is the wind from America, from the Revolution. The romantic world is a dynamic world of change. When there is beauty, it's always ephemeral.

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What creates the changes are the elemental forces storm, power etc. Energy can come from human beings too. Romanticism is the emphasis of feelings, passions and intuitions. It differs from the 18th century, which was based on reason and reflection. Reason is universal, everyone uses the same logic : it is not personal. On the other hand, feelings, passion and intuition are what make people different from each other; it is very individualistic and selfish. Passion is one of the dynamic elements of romanticism, it's a factor of change for the individual and a factor of historical change as Hegel once said "nothing great was accomplished in history without passion".

Passion is also extremely changing : nothing is closer to love than hate.

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It alternates between exaltation and melancholy, between nostalgia and optimism. The lover is killed by Isabella's brothers. She digs his grave, cuts his head and hides it in a pot of basil with a flower in it. As she cries everyday, it turns to a beautiful flower. Contrasts, dichotomies can be seen on all levels between reason and emotion, beautiful and sublime, reality and imagination. Dialectics are the dynamic principle behind everything and could be seen as a rational monism the antonym of "pluralism" with the religious revival and the visionary style.

Wuthering Heights takes place in Yorkshire moors. Catherine Earnshaw hesitates between Heathcliff and Edgar Linton. She chooses Edgar but Heathcliff comes back rich. There is a conflict between what men represent and what places represent. It's the conflict of "the children of calm, the children of the storm". The dualism is a cosmic matter between calm and quietness, storm and passion. It's the idea of homo duplex : man is double in a "double simultaneous postulation".

There is a rediscovery of history and exoticism through local colour : few details to show you are not at home for instance, if you write about Asia, add some geishas in kimonos. With romanticism, there is an outburst of cultural nationalism : German romanticism was a flowering of vernacular literatures. The vernacular is the language spoken by the people; it's different from the language spoken by the cultural elite French, Latin.

It was good enough to produce good literature. There was also a going back to folklore, legends, and fairy tales. Wordsworth and Coleridge both wrote lyrical ballads in In The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner , Coleridge worked on the supernatural and tells the story of a mariner who killed an albatross, which is a very bad omen for mariners : they are all doomed. In The Idiot Boy , Wordsworth dealt with the ordinary life and tells the story of a woman who needs medicine for her child.

She sends the idiot boy.


His aim was to represent the essential passions of human nature, to use simple language, "the select of a language, really used by men". He abandoned the artificiality of poetic diction and the political dimension criticized by many people. Wordsworth also wrote "conversation poems" such as Frost as midnight : blank verse monologues addressing the listener as in a conversation.

The listener is in fact the reader. Regional poetry is another way to use the vernacular : vernacular in Scotland is different from the vernacular in South England. See Walter Scott and Robert Burns. Walter Scott invented the historical novel with Waverley and Ivanhoe He gave a sense of history with accurate details and characters' destinies influenced by historical faces. The plot tells a clash of values, of choices made in a crucial moment by a young and romantic man, through the idealized image of a united nation.

Scott tried to show reconciliation between idealism and reality. The image of the Native American is that of a noble savage, yet a "vanishing Indian" because of the progress of the American civilization. Romanticism emphasizes imagination as opposed to the 18th century. Before, art was imitation and mimesis cf. There was a process of selection of things that were worth representing and a correction of nature according to the image of beauty you had in mind harmony in parts and whole.

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On the other hand, with romanticism, art is creation; it's an autonomous whole. It does not imitate nature but recreates it. It is not a mirror but a different reality. This parallel world is based on the necessary artistic relations between the different organic parts. Thus, it is useless, there is no purpose except of recreating reality.

It is gratuitous, autonomous, unlike before when it was made to instruct and entertain with a moral quality. There is no morality in art for the romantics.

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Like nature, a work of art is an organic totality in form and meaning. The faculty it creates is imagination. Coleridge defined fancy and imagination in The Biographia Literaria , one of his main critical studies. Imagination is an artistic and secondary imagination. It's the principle of unity in a work of art and assimilates into a unifying vision.

Primary imagination is the basis of perception and God-like quality:. The secondary Imagination I consider as an echo of the former, co-existing with the conscious will, yet still as identical with the primary in the kind of its agency, and differing only in degree, and in the mode of operation. It dissolves, diffuses, dissipates, in order to recreate; or where this process is rendered impossible, yet still at all events it struggles to idealise and unify. It is essentially vital, even as all objects as objects are essentially fixed and dead.

Fancy is associational logic, you do not create but associate ideas :.