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It fights until destroyed, but attack anything that looks like at all like a dwar does not pursue opponents from this room. He shares one treasure can be found within save for that on the huecuva's of his theories with the PCs if he's at least friendly-an old body. A pouch on its belt contains two potions of cure linht legend that after the First Crusade a group of crusaders who wounds, and on one withered hand it wears a knotted gold had become infected with Abyssal energies fled into these ring worth 1 25 gp. The priest's masterwork warhammer caverns to raise their deformed children in peace, and that lies dusty on the ground, long forgotten.

Development: This shrine can be consecrated-either The presence of these statues here gives significant credence to Torag or to a new deity-with 8 hours of work cleaning to the tale, as the elf assumes they were carved by the children. Random utensils a n d too ls, sits nea r a nother cave o p e n i n g in the fa r wa l l monster encounters do not occur in this temple once it's of t h i s cavern. Millorn maintains his small lair. Originally forced to flee underground to avoid persecution for his research into C.

Cavern of Ancestors vile magical traditions, the dwarf has long since become The passageway leading south from area B continues for mentally unbalanced from his isolation. He now sees about 3, feet at a speed of 15 feet, this takes about 40 enemies everywhere, and shrieks like a man possessed minutes to navigate before ending here after a gradual rise when the PCs arrive, interpreting them as agents of the in elevation of 30 feet from area B.

Tainted First Crusaders crusade come to finally arrest him. XP M ale dwarf wiza rd 3 Cl. The Speed 20 ft. At the center of the cave, a sto ne tower that may Before Combat M i l lorn casts mage armor if he hears sounds of o nce have reached the fifty-foot- h i g h ce i l i n g has co l l a psed co mbat in a rea C1. During Combat M i l lorn casts blur o n ce he spots e n e m i es, then casts spells while attempting to stay o ut of melee. Creatures: This stone tower was until recently a Morale If Millorn is red uced to 5 hit points or fewer, he drinks mongrel guard post-one of the perimeter defenses his potion of cure light wounds and potion of invisibility, casts maintained by the settlement of Neathholm to the south.

Treasure: Millorn's meager gear is gathered near his camp, consisting of a ratty bedroll, a small pack filled with dried meat, preserved fruit, and some moldy cheese 6 days of rations , and a chipped 6-inch-tall marble statuette of a humanoid throwing a spear. The statuette is worth 75 gp. In addition to his prepared spells, Millorn's spellbook contains detect secret doors, fo9 cloud, 9rease, invisibility, resist ener9y, shockin9 9rasp, and silent ima9e. This book is worth i6o gp.

This shaft leads upward at a steep angle for 6 0 feet.

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The cracks, handholds, and pitons-placed here years ago by mongrels-allow for a character to ascend the shaft almost as if a ladder were present. Fallen Guard Post CR 3 After climbing for 60 feet, the shaft from area C3 levels out and heads northwest for approximately 2, feet a 30 -minute walk at a speed of 15 feet. The surviving two mongrels are desperate to free their NPC Reactions: Anevia treats the mongrels with fellow. If the PCs reach this area without alerting the curiosity and a bit of pity, while Horgus is disgusted by the mongrels, a successful DC 15 Perception check reveals two creatures and advises the PCs not to trust them-until he's of them focusing on slowly and carefully digging through at least made friendly, his attitude imparts a -2 penalty on the tower's rubble, wary of causing accidental collapse.

Aravashnial Now and then they call out, and a muffled voice in the is intrigued by them and asks many questions about rubble answers back. One he ceases his questioning once asked to. If Crel dies, their incapable of intelligible speech. The attitude remains unfriendly and the PCs second is a man named Lann, and will need Diplomacy or other means to he does the talking for the two.

Lann secure their aid. Once the mongrels are at is a tall, thin creature with a face that least friendly, they agree to escort the PCs melds the features of an attractive on to their settlement, Neathholm, elven man, a goat, and a lizardfolk. PCs can get some rest. Lann would ordinarily be willing Numerous tunnels lead out from to take his time talking with the PCs, this area-Neathholm chose this but the fate of his friend Crel, trapped cave as a guard post for this exact beneath the tower, adds urgency to his reason, but the tremors collapsed the negotiations.

He greets the PCs in a raspy tunnel that once led directly to Neathholm. As you can see, misfortune has befallen us.

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If the PCs also manage to make the mongrelmen The mongrels have cleared away enough rubble away friendly, award them an additional XP. Lifting the rock away E. Broken Road CR 4 requires a successful DC 25 Strength check-something the After winding roughly southwest for 1, feet 25 minutes two mongrels alone cannot accomplish.

Up to six people of walking at a speed of 15 feet , the tunnel reaches a can work together to lift the stone, with one rolling the significant obstacle. Strength check and the other five attempting to aid another. Alternatively, the PCs can try to dig Crel out, but this is a Ahead, a wide chasm splits the t u n n e l fl oor. The fl oating rock perilous task, as Lann points out. An attempt takes 10 more dust in the a i r and the g roans as the t u n n e l wa l l s settle ind icate minutes of work, but the digger must make a successful DC that the t u n n e l s plit rece ntly.

Fortunately, the rock accompanied by the mongrels from area D, they express then becomes much easier to move Strength DC 16 , and if dismay when they see the chasm-there's a way onward the PCs can move it aside quickly enough, they still might on the far side of the chasm to the southeast, but they also save Crel's life.

The tunnel continues on from the chasm's opposite Mongre l m e n Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 side about 40 feet east of the entrance. Climbing along hp 1 5 each the edges of the rift is as difficult as climbing down and. With blind and crippled NPCs, however, the with tiny red gemstone eyes. This is an unholy symbol obstacle presents an even larger challenge than normal. A successful DC 15 Knowledge Using ropes to lower and lift Anevia, Aravashnial, and any religion check identifies the nature of the symbol. PCs unable to attempt the Climb checks is perhaps the Development: If the PCs ask their mongrelmen easiest method of navigating the rift.

Lately, their fall while crossing the rift. Furthermore, the mongrels say that they have some sort of alliance with a F. Dead Cultists CR 4 different tribe of mongrels-a bad tribe-that lives in a The tunnel continues along a mostly southeastern course small complex southeast of Neathholm. If the Baphomet cultists, Anevia is disgusted and Aravashnial PCs approach, the mongrels warn them that the cave delighted. Both have heard the rumors that the cult of ahead is one they now rarely use, for it has become the Baphomet, known to some as the Templars of the Ivory den of a particularly dangerous fungal creature he calls a Labyrinth, had infiltrated various mercenary groups, but "spore-cougher.

Anevia becomes description of the deadly fungus as that of a basidirond. In fact, he actually just if they're lucky, the creature's out hunting elsewhere. Horgus doesn't care one way or another about The t u n n e l opens i nto a c i rcu l a r cavern, ro u g h l y forty feet i n the bodies. All of these save o n e i n the n o rth wa l l lead crusaders being cultists of Baphomet, award them XP. From area F, the tunnel winds north for about 1, feet about 15 minutes of travel at a speed of 15 feet The basidirond that dwelled here has been killed before reaching a circular, 20 -foot-diameter cavern.

Four recently, but the two men who killed it were slain in the mongrelmen stand guard here before a large stone door. While only to die himself of the creature's spores. The mongrels they eye the PCs with suspicion, Lann's word is good are obviously relieved the "spore-cougher" is dead, and are enough to let them all enter the chamber beyond the eager to continue north to Neathholm but are willing to door. Without Lann, the mongrel guards have an initial linger long enough for the PCs to investigate the bodies.

The cultists had been on a friendly before they agree to let the PCs into the cave. If scouting mission deeper in the Kenabres caverns when the the PCs recovered the brooch from area Az and show it to tremors hit, and were on their way back to area H when the guards, they demand to know where the PCs found they were attacked and killed here.


Regardless of the answer provided, the guards then Treasure: Both men are dressed as crusaders of lomedae, escort them to Neathholm's chieftain-for the brooch and each still wears a masterwork chain shirt. One of the belonged to one of his sons. Between the two of them, they also carry gp. A s m a l l, d a rk l a ke ripples i n the center of this two - h u n d red Curiously, the crusaders are not armed with the foot-wide cavern, the walls a n d cei l i n g a g l ow with thick sheets longswords typically wielded by Iomedae's followers, but of l u m i nescent f u n g i.

I n the center of the la ke, ove r two d ozen instead carry glaives and a spiked gauntlet. Furthermore, low stone b u i l d i n g s cl uster o n a rocky o n e - h u n d red -foot-wide the body on which the scroll was found clutches something island. Lig hts g low i n the windows of the b u i l d i ngs, giving. Rafts made ofNeathholm trade occasionally with other underground m i smatched p l a n k s of timber bob a l o n g the length of a crooked races and willingly accept both gold pieces and items pier at the la ke's closest shore.

Once the PCs are ready to move on, Chief Sull escorts them to one of the This adventure assumes the PCs have mongrel escorts several doors that mark exits from the cavern in which when they arrive at Neathholm-if they don't, the nervous Neathholm is located-the route beyond this door leads citizens retreat to their homes and barricade their doors. He wishes the PCs luck in the largest building atop the island's low their journey, gives them the potions he central peak-this is the home of Chief promised, and tells them he eagerly awaits Sull, a bloated and unpleasant-looking word of whether the crusaders wish them but mild-mannered mongrel with one to join the battle above.

At your option, clouded white eye. He certainly tells for their attempts, successful the PCs they're welcome to return or not, to free the trapped here if they need to retreat, rest, and mongrelman. He then asks recover before making additional the PCs to explain their assaults on the traitors. Once If the PCs have found the Sull learns the source of the bat brooch in area Az and give tremors that shook the tunnels and it to Chief Sull, his one good caused so much damage, he grows eye gets a bit misty; he accepts quite concerned. He and his kind, Sull the gift, explaining that one explains, may be outcasts and freaks in of his sons left Neathholm the eyes of uplanders like the PCs, but their after an argument.

Chief Sull ancestors helped drive back the demons doesn't expect his son to return, chieF suU in the First Crusade. He wants the demons but he treasures the return of defeated as much as anyone who lives above, this brooch nonetheless. Assuming the PCs agree, Chief Sull nods sagely and NPC Reactions: Horgus is disgusted by Neathholm goes on to inform the PCs that the nearest route to the and can't be away from the place quickly enough, but surface lies to the south, but this exit is guarded by a Anevia is intrigued by the possibility of recruiting the tribe of mongrels who do not have the same opinions as mongrels to aid the crusade.

Aravashnial is delighted to those of Neathholm. In fact, this smaller tribe, a group learn that there are entire societies of "mole people" and he contemptuously calls "the traitors," have consorted "pitlings" under the city, but unless the PCs ask him to for some time with cultists.

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Chief Sull has ignored them, stop using such phrases, his unintentionally insulting but that time has passed. If the PCs agree to destroy the comments impart a -2 penalty on Diplomacy checks traitors as they make their way back to the surface to bring made in Neathholm. Pt: 2: taiR Of the vile and A g ro u p of ba rrels a ppea rs t o hold o t h e r prese rved foodstuffs. VICIOUS From the hamlet of Neathholm, the tunnel winds mostly The meat hanging here is primarily dire rat and mongrel in a southeast direction for about 2, feet 16 minutes meat-it's all stringy, over-salted, and fairly unappetizing.

The tunnel narrows down Creatures: Wenduag see area H4 managed to befriend at this point to a 5-foot-wide passageway, the walls carved a pale-scaled, pink-eyed cave lizard that he uses as a with picks and chisels. The PCs are now very close to area guardian for this room. The lizard, the size of a pony, has Hi-the entrance to the traitors' den. It immediately attacks anything that doesn't and rooms are devoid of light sources.

The mongrelmen look like a mongrel, however, fighting to the death. If any party members are captured, they are thrown into area H i5. Beyo nd the ba rricades, a wooden screen H4. Common Room CR 2 covers the l ower half of a t u n n e l mouth. In the southwestern pa rt of this room, sto ut sto ne cha i rs surround Creatures: Two mongrelmen maintain a watch here, a block of larger stone that serves as a table. The table's top strewn keeping an eye out for troublemakers from Neathholm.

Once with bone d ice and cracked clay jugs. Sta ined canvas pillows rest they spot the PCs, they raise alarm by howling and shrieking. A copper bowl fi lled with coals hangs fro m the Those mongrelmen in area Hz hear the commotion and cei l i ng, fi l l i n g the room with warmth and a n orange glow. A hole in the ground in the southeast corner of the room drops down into area H6. XP each Creatures: Normally, a few mongrels would be found hp 1 5 each Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 1 9 1 here, drinking and playing dice, but the recent tremors and other events have the traitors on high alert and H2.

Living Quarters CR 3 none are currently located here save for a blue-skinned creature named Wenduag. This mongrel serves as a sort The l i ngering smells of cooked meat a n d ra n k bodies hang i n of guard captain for the traitors. She was once second t h e a i r. Ta nned hides replaced by the inquisitor Hosilla, Wenduag is keeping hang stretched o n the wa l l s, each crudely p ai nted with scenes of her head low until she can figure out what's in store for deformed h u ma noids h u nting g i a n t verm i n i n caves. She realizes that killing the PCs and presenting them as trophies will earn her no small favor with the Creatures: Of the ten mongrels who live here, a pair is new leader of the tribe.

The remaining two are sleeping here. CE Med i u m mo nstrous h u ma noid Combat here will alert the cultists in area H The wa l l s a re During Combat Wen d uag prefers to attack o bvious worsh ipers sta ined with fo u l - s m e l l i n g strea ks of refuse. Morale We nduag fig hts t o the death. Lower Guard Post CR 3. The a i r in this cavern smells of d a m p and m old. Creatures: Two mongrels guards serve here a t all times, rotating shifts with the mongrelmen upstairs. If an alarm is raised, the mongrelmen from H7 arrive in 2 rounds to assist the guards in this room. One mongrel hides behind the barricade on the floor, while the other crouches behind the wooden boxes on the stone shelf and snipes with his crossbow.

The pool of water is only a foot deep, but its waters hide sharp stone points sticking up from the floor. Treat the pool of water as though it contains caltrops. Meeting Hall CR 3. Three copper bowls filled with glowing coa ls hang from the ceiling of this long, natural cavern. The braziers fi ll the chamber with warmth and soft orange light. I n the center of the chamber sta nds a block of stone that serves as a table, lined with wooden chairs.

An enormous bloodsta in, maybe a week old, da rkens the stone's su rface. In fact, it was normally giant rats, fish, giant vermin, and other cave here that he met with Hosilla when she first approached creatures, but a search of the room reveals numerous body the tribe with an offer of an alliance with the Templars parts of other mongrels and even a few human limbs in of the Ivory Labyrinth, and here that she sacrificed him various stages of butchery. If an alarm is raised in area H6, these two mongrelmen alert Hosilla in area H9 and then rush to join the fight H 9.

Sheathed wea pons hp 15 each Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 1 9 1 a n d sto n e ca rvi ngs a d o r n the w a l l s. Kitchen i ro n lockbox. Barre l s fi l l e d Creatures: Until recently the home of the mongrel with scraps of f u r a n d f a t sit a g a i nst o n e wa l l, e m itting a n chieftain, this room has been commandeered by an fo u l ste n c h. T h e two l o n g sto n e s l a b tables a re covered with inquisitor of Baphomet named Hosilla. Two wood e n Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth, Hosilla served for many ra cks h o l d d ry i n g a n i m a l s k i n s.

When the truth of Vhane's treason her next set of orders from Vhane to arrive. He is paid for his silence and A few weeks ago, she received word from Staunton that obedience, and is under orders to prevent any enemies Kenabres's days were numbered and that a major attack from stepping too close his mistress. The paranoid would soon come-she should seek shelter and wait for inquisitor assumes anyone other than mongrel traitors further word for when it would be safe to rejoin him at are here to assassinate her, and attacks intruders on sight Drezen.

Hosilla decided that the tribe of mongrels she as a result. Speed 30 ft. Before Combat Hosi l l a pre p a res for co mbat by casti ng magic weapon, shield of faith, and virtue.

During Combat Hosi l l a favors attacks a g a i nst foes who a re obviously wors hi pers of good deities. S he uses her wand of spiritual weapon at ra nge, but prefe rs to fig h t with her g l a ive. She prefe rs to attack h u m a ns, to m a ke use of her Favored j u d g ment feat a n d j u d g ment of destruction a b i l ity. O nce red uced to 6 or fewe r hit poi nts, she switches to j u d g ment of hea l i n g. Morale Hosi l l a tries t o escape if b rought below 6 h i t poi nts, tryi ng to esca pe to the su rface to m a ke her way out of Ke n a b res to D rezen. If she esca pes, feel free to have her a p pear a g a i n with a few m ore levels, of cou rse a s an enemy i n the next adventure.

Treasure: The lockbox under the desk is fastened with an average lock Disable Device DC 25 to pick , but can also be opened with the key carried by Hosilla. The lockbox holds a small leather pouch containing an assortment of semiprecious gemstones three chips of lapis lazuli worth 10 gp each, two bloodstones worth 50 gp each, a citrine HAN D O UT 1 worth 50 gp, and a white pearl worth gp as well as a scroll ef bear's endurance and a scroll ef remove disease. As mentioned in the orders see Handout 1 , the contents of the long darkwood case is the greatest Hl 0.

Trophy Hall CR 3 treasure present. The case is not locked-inside lies a breathtaking longsword-a weapon of obviously superior T h e worked sto n e wa l l s of t h i s l a rg e roo m h o l d a n u m b e r of craftsmanship with a razor-sharp blade that appears to s h e l ves, each of w h i c h d i s p l a y t h e p reserved b o d i e s of d i re be made of shining gold. The blade is in fact made of cold rats, bats, ro ck v i p e rs, cave l i z a rds, a n d o t h e r cre a t u res t h a t iron that has been magically infused to make it appear pose i n eerie sti l l ness.

A p a i r of b e d ro l l s have been l a i d o u t as if it were made of gold-yet this is the least of the to the southeast. More information about Radiance, feet up to area H Baphomet who accompanied Hosilla into the mongrel lair. Aravashnial is particularly frustrated with their role as "upstairs guards," and would intrigued by the mention of the Tower of Estrod being a much rather be downstairs relaxing or perhaps up on safe house and would like to either investigate it or learn the surface reveling in the destruction, yet both are too more about it second hand.

Hargus is shocked to find frightened of their inquisitor mistress to speak up. They out that Nyserian Manor is a Templar safe house-he are guarding against intruders from the north, and are tries to cover up his reaction if he learns this, but PCs unlikely to expect trouble from the south, but if a fight who succeed at a DC 10 Sense Motive check notice his breaks out in area H2, they peek through the door to surprise. If pressed, he admits that he knows Kandra watch, preparing their own defense of this area but not Nyserian, but only if he's currently helpful will he reveal joining in the fight.

If the PCs head south to area H4, that Hargus borrowed a fair amount of money from the cultists follow behind, hoping to attack them with Hargus to purchase Irabeth's sword. Once one cultist is slain, the other drops her. Morale Worldwo u n d cu ltists fight to the death. N e a r the eas tern end, the worked sto n e g ive way to natural cav e wal ls, j ust befo re the h a l l ends at an open shaft. The shaft drops 40 feet down to area Hub, one of the underground rivers that flows below Kenabres that the mongrels use as a source of food and water-a PC who succeeds at a DC 5 Climb check can descend to the water below.

The river itself extends to the north and south, but the ceiling dips down below the water level in both directions- the chambers that lie beyond in either direction are beyond the scope of this adventure. The secret door on the eastern bank of the pool can be H A rusted i ro n door sits i n the center of the eastern w a l l of this Creatures: The pool at the base of the waterfall currently sma l l chamber.

A co pper brazier hangs from the ce i l i n g a bove a contains two albino cave gars. The gars feed on smaller fl i msy wooden table. Creatures: Two mongrelmen guards take shifts in this room, ready to intercept any intruders that somehow make GARS 2 CR 1 it past the dretches. If the PCs are captured and dumped XP each in the dretches' arena, these mongrelmen watch the action hp 1 3 each Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 1 2 8 but do not interfere unless the PCs kill the dretch. A thick layer of dust coats the rest of the cavern. Near the far wa l l sits a n old wooden chest covered with Hl 5.

Dretch Maze CR 4 dust and cobwebs.

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This l a rge chamber must have once been a cistern for the sewer Trap: Though the PCs may suspect spider guardians due syste m. Wa l l s made of identical stone blocks hold up a lofty to the cobwebs on the chest, the webs were left by mundane ce i l i ng re i nforced with elegant stone a rches, w h i l e the center of spiders that pose no danger.

The real threat comes from the the roo m conta i n s a m ore recent-looking structu re made of brick old spiked pit still concealed in the floor before the chest. Before Hosilla's arrival, the mongrels kept several Trigger location; Reset m a n u a l bloated sewer rats in the maze to attack intruders, but when Effect 1 0 -ft. The fact that the mongrel traitors are afraid of DC 20 avoids; multiple targets al l targets in a 1 0 -ft. The two dretches prefer to lie in wait in the maze, so Treasure: This chest was hidden away long ago by a thief they can leap out and ambush foes.

They fight to the death. Rat Nest CR 2 Hl 6. The Way Up An o l d i ro n ladder, bolted i nto the wa l l a n d covered i n rust, leads The old sewer tunnel here leads about a hundred feet down a hole to the south of this fo u l -sme l l i n g roo m. When the PCs emerge from the tunnels, they advanced dire rats. Wenduag befriended and left them to find themselves in the southeastern section of Kenabres, guard the surface approach to the lair.

The rats viciously approximately at the location marked "H16" on the map attack anyone not accompanied by a mongrel, but otherwise on page A few barricaded houses still hold As the PCs emerge from the sewers, they step into a city vastly citizens who are trying to stay out of sight until the demons different from the one they left at the start of the adventure. Those met on the street are almost always looters Regardless of how long the PCs spent underground, the or criminals seeking to take advantage of the situation tremors and demonic attacks have devastated the city, for foolhardy profit-in many cases, these low folk meet leaving it a smoking, apocalyptic ruin.

Deep chasms riddle their just deserts soon enough, for monsters now rule the the city, while the paths of enormous demons have left streets of Kenabres.

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As the PCs encounter and rescue citizens, they can learn Clydwell having been completely destroyed, while elsewhere rumors. A superscript " T" indicates the rumor is true, plumes of dark smoke still rise from the smoldering remains while an " F" indicates a false rumor.

Fat buzzards wheel above in skies scarred by red smoke and black clouds. The Worldwound d2o Rumor has expanded its borders, and now the city of Kenabres is Lord Hulrun was killed during the attack and the enveloped in it. The The Eagle Watch and a few other crusading groups exact amount of time this takes is left flexible, so that you survived the attack, and have set up a fortified camp can easily adapt events to how your game plays out. During at Defender's Heart. The demons are loose! Nerosyan's been completely destroyed by the demons! Yet as the primary 7 The mole people are rising up from the sewers.

By into the Worldwound-she's the one who betrayed us! As the PCs explore, they should hear destroyed the city are still lurking amid the ruins! The demon attacks on Mendev, 12 The witch Areelu Vorlesh is planning on coming to the Ustalav, Numeria, and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords city soon to claim it as a trophy! I've seen horrific flies and other giant bugs with Before the fall, Kenabres had a population of n, Most of the "survivors" in the city are actually ruined city.

The place feels deserted, yet it's never long possessed by demons! F before the scream of a fresh victim peals through the soot There seem to be multiple types of demon cultists at encrusted streets, indicating that number of survivors large in the city-they're not all worshipers ofDeskari. Evidence of violence lie everywhere, 17 I swear the sun's been rising later and setting earlier whether burned buildings, splashes of blood, or dead each day-soon it'll be forever night! The demon plague has come to Kenabres. F opportunities to buy or sell gear or to pay for spellcasting. The Mendevian army is heading to Kenabres to save us, Some of the set encounters can serve as safe places to rest but who knows when they'll get here?

Each of these encounters can occur only once. You ld6 tiefling looters 2 Bestiary may wish to place these encounters rather than wait for l howler 3 Bestiary 2 them to be rolled up randomly. No maps are provided ld6 cultists of Baphomet 4 See page 24 for these encounters, as they can take place anywhere in 6 ld4 demonic giant flies 4 See page 48 the city-you can use Pathfinder Map Pack: Rooftops and ld4 dretches 4 Bestiary 60 Marketplaces, or a similar product, for combats that take ld3 abrikandilus See below place in the streets of Kenabres.

The two have weathered the destruction At this point, the adventure becomes a sandbox for the of Kenabres well so far, having remained in hiding in their PCs to explore. Their NPC allies each have a request shop subsisting on food stores. Eventually, of a passing demon-an abrikandilu. These rat-faced the PCs should learn that the Eagle Watch has fortified humanoid demons delight in the destruction of beauty and Defender's Heart and seek them out, but until then, artwork, and this abrikandilu has found plenty to wreck in you can use the encounters and events presented in this this store.


If the PCs defeat the demon, the Loumises are chapter to run their explorations of the devastated city. When it own encounter. This adventure assumes that the PCs earn engages in melee, it focuses its attacks on the most about 5, XP from these encounters overall, but you can attractive PC. Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic; telepathy ft. The penalty reduces by 1 point every 24 hours. The save DC is Constitution-based. Surrounding the woman made to break or destroy objects. One its own reflection. An abrikandilu says to the kneeling woman, " Your sacrifice aids the cause adjacent to a mirror or attacked by a mirror-carrying creature of good.

These knights, desperate to mirrors must attempt a DC 15 Will save at the start of its drive back the demons, have latched onto an old folktale turn. If it fails, the abrikandilu must focus all of its actions that sheathing one's blade in the body ofa virgin temporarily that round on attempts to destroy the mirror. The mad knights are eager to finish. The woman is named Klarah-she was out scavenging XP each for food for her wounded parents both of whom are hiding hp 16 each Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 66 in a basement nearby when the mad knights caught her. At your discretion, if the are equally horrified when they behold the true extent of the PCs didn't find Vhane's orders in area H9, she can point devastation the demons have wrought upon Kenabres, yet the PCs to one of the Templar safe houses, saying she's seen their short time with the PCs has changed them-they bear cultists and tieflings coming and going from the building.

But 2 0 0 XP each in the meantime, each has a special favor to ask the PCs. The bulk of Aravashnial: Aravashnial is concerned about his fellow the cultists in Kenabres at this point are worshipers of Riftwardens, but unless he's helpful, he doesn't reveal Deskari or worshipers of Baphomet. The Deskari cultists this to the PCs-only that he'd like to be brought to tend to congregate in the ruins of Old Kenabres, while the Blackwing.

It's at this library that the Riftwardens kept Baphomet cultists can be found in the outer districts of their secret hideout, but as Aravashnial will soon learn, the city. In this encounter, the PCs come upon a group the Riftwardens have fled the city. At your discretion, you can make the victim hands up in the air in frustration and attempts to make his be an NPC tied to one of the PCs' backstories.

If this is the case, on Tormented Survivors CR 4 : The rubble has been returning to the surface these PCs may wish to seek their cleared away from the street here, and an improvised loved ones out. The fate of these NPCs is left to your stage made of several partially destroyed wagons and discretion-they may have fled the city, or perhaps they carts has been erected in the middle of the street.

On this found refuge in Defender's Heart. Some may even have stage stand four frightened-looking men and women, each died or have gone missing. You know your players best, and armed with jagged broken weapons and clad in bits and you should adjust the fates of their families and friends as pieces of dented, bloody armor. Two quasits flap about you feel is appropriate.

Feel free to have them appear as nearby as they work to stage a " play" of sorts comprising prisoners in one of the sites described below, or perhaps battles between their victims. Each of the humans they aren't destined to be encountered again until later in are ist-level commoners and only have i hit point left. Four more dead men and women lie scattered about the cleared area-victims who attempted to run away only to I.

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance Over the course of its decades-long history, fantasy gaming has produced countless monsters both terrifying and Discover adventures you never knew existed and make your mark on the Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Rule of Fear. A Cursed Land For thousands of years, the Immortal Principality of Ustalav has labored beneath the legacy of its dark past.

Within the shelter of its Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Rival Guide. The Rival Guide presents 10 fully detailed rival adventuring groups, complete with specialized spells, equipment, magic items, and unusual minions Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Undead Revisited. For most people, death is a release, a passage into the just rewards of the afterlife. Yet not everyone who dies rests easy. Legends and campfire Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Dungeons of Golarion. No older RPG tradition exists than the vast, danger-filled dungeon.

Multilevel mazes of trap-filled crypts, monster-haunted caverns, and wealth-laden The Pathfinder Society is an eccentric organization of adventurers, explorers, and scholars with agents spread across Golarion and In battles against dreaded vampire lords, brutal A World of Magic!

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From the tortured sands of the Mana Wastes, where magic is as likely to tear you apart as it is to not work at all, to the Land of Vikings! In the savage north lies a realm where only those who slay mighty draconic linnorms are fit to rule. Where giants and trolls dwell Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The End is Near! Since the first spark of mortal life took form, the daemons have sought to extinguish it.

Evil in its purest form, these terrors It is a land where honorable samurai wage war against devious ninja. Where the guardian spirits known as kami stand against the ravages of evil oni These are Journey from the familiar to the foreign and help place a friend on the throne of an empire in the Jade Regent Adventure Path. Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Distant Worlds. Golarion is the primary world of the Pathfinder campaign setting, but it is not alone. This Pathfinder sourcebook explores the demon-blighted land of the Worldwound site of the new Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path in great detail.

Ruined cities such as the shattered capital city of Iz, the frozen city of Dyinglight, and the river city of Undarin , key historical sites like the Circle of the Hierophants — birthplace of the druidic sect known as the Green Faith , and more are presented, along with an exhaustive examination of the strange and otherworldly hazards of the region.

The book also includes several adventure sites ready for exploration, along with a few locations like the holdout town of Gundrun, which can serve heroes as relatively safe harbor in a deadly land.