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He also urged the establishment of a "Conference for Europe" by the end of the year to suggest a roadmap for change built on input from citizen panels, academics, civil society and religious representatives. He said the conference should propose "all necessary changes for our political project, without taboos — not even the revision of treaties.

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At the end of the letter, Macron declared that "in this new Europe, the people really will have taken back control of their destiny; in this Europe, the U. All Rights Reserved. Follow us. Terms and Conditions. Privacy Policy.

Staff Login. Finally, I looked on French Amazon, as I thought they would certainly have such an influential work as this; it seems as if -- at least in French -- this book has been banned! As de Benoist writes: "One no longer discusses, one denounces.

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One no longer reasons, one accuses. One no longer proves, one imposes. So far as I know, no communist, anarchist, or otherwise leftist thinker or book has been banned as of late -- it is almost as if their cosmopolitan, universalist, and progressive ideology is more in-line with the "bourgeois ideology" than any other.

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This book covers ground far beyond its running time. In a short space the reader gets to examine the crisis facing Europe and the world at large; the antagonists and social, political and economic trends behind these; and, finally, the proposed solutions as presented by the GRECE movement, or the New Right, as its commonly known. The economic and ecological ideas in particular, having been a poster child of the progressive circles, mark an appearance here, and presented with similar solutions.

The presence of these paragraphs alone is food for thought for those identifying with either side.

Florence and the Renaissance: Crash Course European History #2

The same, - from the traditionalist perspective, - concerns societal roles, importance of culture and traditions. For an introduction to a subject as complex and difficult to navigate as the traditionalist and conservative movements - especially in the first quarter of the 21st century - this book does a remarkable job of not only covering a broad range of ideas in surprising amount of depth, it does so in an almost negligible running time.

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The political manifesto of identitarians or the "new right" by one of its main ideologues. It turns out to be based on shallow, uniformed and unhistoricall. Altought de Benoist claims equal distance from both communism and liberalism it turns out to be mainly an iliberal manifesto which most of the political jargon of the alter-globalists, neo-communists, or suprise! Regarding the last Spring french presidential elections, it comes to no suprise that far-left and far-rig The political manifesto of identitarians or the "new right" by one of its main ideologues.

Regarding the last Spring french presidential elections, it comes to no suprise that far-left and far-right candidates were disputing the same electorate. Alain De Benoist never disappoints.

Viktor Orbán and Emmanuel Macron’s manifesto

And this manifesto reads exactly how a good manifesto should. Intriguing, provoking, on point, and direct, Benoist is a writer who understands the European spirit, what has been lost, and what the solution is. You may not agree with all of his points, but no doubt you will be left wondering if perhaps, maybe, it is you who are wrong, and not him. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

It is a clear look at some of the problems that face Europe, and indeed the world. I respect that the issues are complicated, and treated as such. This is no knee-jerk reactionary trying to get back to the "good old days" though he obviously respects tradition and its lessons greatly.

If I have one critique and indeed it is the reason I do not give it more stars , it is that I live in the United States, and, being of South American heritage, am a product of Europe I thoroughly enjoyed this book. If I have one critique and indeed it is the reason I do not give it more stars , it is that I live in the United States, and, being of South American heritage, am a product of European colonialism. Some may lay this at the feet of the lack of a truly American culture in general, but the fact remains that these arguments, while perhaps useful to Europe and in a broader sense other cultures with deep roots , are not particularly helpful to those 'rootless cosmopolitans' living in a more globalized situation.

Extracting ourselves from this is not an option for most. Besides, hybridization can be just as strong a force as traditionalism. Simultaneously a remarkable, if brief, explication of the modern West's socio-political challenges, and a suggestion of possible solutions from the New Right. Unlike much of the New Right literature which has come since, this text does not devolve into either fascism or racialism, but rather upholds the Traditionalist ideal of radical pluralism. A concise statement of purpose for a noble cause. There's some good rhetoric in here as well.

Very interesting book.

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Curiously, GRECE's view of the world and it's ideas, are very similar to mine, which made it a fun book to read. Wished it was longer, and also that more people would have interest in genre.

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