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Available features may differ between platforms as we continue to iterate. We can support multiple ways of deploying Concepts to your team or company wide. Infinite, flexible sketching. Sketch, plan, edit and share all your big ideas. Enterprise Edition. The Beginning of Every Project Everything is designed.

Daniel Amara, Designer. Resolution Independent Concepts is powered by our next-generation hybrid vector-raster Fluid Engine — bit precision with multi-threaded rendering, an infinite canvas with sharp strokes at any zoom level, and mobile from the ground up.

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  8. Built for Performance Optimized for high performance Hz displays and ultra-low latency styli like the Apple Pencil and Surface Pen, Concepts is more responsive than any other drawing experience. No-Commitment Sketching Make rapid iterations or explore happy accidents — Concepts is flexible to the core.

    Brush Packs Quickly add style with our professional library of brushes.

    Make Your Own Objects Custom drag-and-drop libraries make repetitive workflows fast and reliable. Pro Community Exclusive access to learning and support from pros like you. X Enterprise Edition We can support multiple ways of deploying Concepts to your team or company wide. By the time you finish this tutorial, your skills in programmer art will level up. Why not use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or even Flash? Good question.

    Another great feature is that any Sketchbook Pro files created on one device can be opened on any other device that has Sketchbook Pro installed. For instance, you can start a sketch on your iPad and open it later on your MacBook to add the finishing touches. Its user interface is also laid out just a little differently.

    I will point out the cases where Sketchbook Express is different so that free users can still follow along. To draw in SketchBook, you can either use a stylus or just your finger. In my experience, you tend to get what you pay for when it comes to styli. I use a Wacom Bamboo stylus ; it has a substantial feel and a decent length.

    There are even pressure-sensitive styli that vary the brush stroke width by the amount of pressure you apply as you draw on the screen. All right, then!

    The 11 Best iPad Drawing Apps of

    Is your drawing finger all warmed up? This refers to the number of layers that you can have in your image. The larger the stage, the fewer layers the device can handle. Not sure what layers are in Sketchbook Pro? You will only see the toolbar on the top. When many people see a great illustration, they often imagine the artist drew complex shapes and lines from the start. However, this is rarely the case.

    Now draw three rough circles above the oval to represent the eyes. Your drawing will look a little like a paw print, as shown below:. Now connect the circles to the oval with some vertical lines. Straight lines in drawings convey a serious industrial mood. Again, connect them to the oval using curved lines, as so:. This alien looks to be in need of a tail.

    Feel free to make the tail a little wiggly if you like. The banana shape should take up about half of the space in the oval. Now add some smaller ovals to the two rough hand shapes at the bottom of the drawing, as demonstrated below:.

    What are the best drawing apps?

    Now finish off your initial sketch by using some rough circles and curved lines to give the alien some pupils, teeth, a tongue and some cartoonish eyebrows. Your sketch should resemble the image below:. That does it for the rough sketch of your alien. Layers are used to overlay bits of your drawing on each other, much like pieces of tracing paper stacked one on top of another. Your alien sketch currently consists of one single layer with your rough outline. In Sketchbook Express, tap the brush icon at the top, and choose the brush image shown below.

    This will bring up the Brush Properties window. Tap and hold in the center of the properties circle, then drag to the left and right to change the brush size. Set the brush size to a medium thickness, around 7 pixels as shown in the image below:. Now trace the outline of your alien using the brush tool. Pinch and zoom as required to make the image large enough to trace. Take your time; you can use the undo tool if you need to redo a brushstroke, or even if you need to revert all of your changes in this layer and use a different brush size altogether.

    Your final outline should look like the image below:.

    Autodesk SketchBook on iOS: Predictive Stroke

    Now that the broad outline strokes have been made, you can trace some details on your alien. Open up the Brush Properties window again and shrink your brush size by a few pixels. Open the Brush Properties window and shrink your brush size down a few more pixels. Your final outline should look like the following:. The benefit to using layers is becoming quite apparent; each time you shift gears as you draw, adding a new layer allows you to preserve your work from previous layers.

    Add a layer to your drawing, and position it between the sketch layer and the outline layer by dragging the layer to the appropriate position using the handles as shown below:. Your brush tool should still be selected; if not, select it from the tool palette. Choose a nice alien green color from the color palette on the right, as indicated below. You may want to use a slightly larger brush for this step; if so, simply bring up the Brush Properties window as before and make your brush a little larger.

    Tap on the brush icon in the top toolbar and then choose the paint bucket tool, as shown below:. If you joined all of your lines together when you traced the inside of your alien, then the body should fill in entirely in green, as below:.

    SketchBook Pro for iPad

    A few carefully chosen details can really bring your alien to life with a hint of personality. Although your drawing looks really sharp at this point, some highlights and shadows will give it a great deal of depth and make your 2D image pop off the page. These small details are what takes your drawing from the amateur level to something more professional. Add a new layer as usual after deleting your original sketch. The paintbrush tool is far too opaque to add gentle highlights and shadows to your drawing — the airbrush tool gives you the control you need to get the stroke opacity just right.